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StarchPro is a global supplier of deep grain processing food ingredients to international markets. Our worldwide presence and deep understanding of each market we enter enables us to guarantee sustainable supplies of various products to our partners in any part of the World. Our knowledge of food technology and reliable sources of the product helps our customers to remain competitive in volatile market environment.

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StarchPro offers variety of logistic solutions including sea and land delivery, custom label packing for each regional market, compliance with local certification requirements including Halal and others. Our commercial instruments can ensure that our clients will not be exposed to price fluctuations and product availability risks.

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Based on our strong belief in the ingredients we market worldwide, we decided to introduce our private label MultyDex from the start.

Years later, the high quality and consistency of ingredients offered by STARCHPRO under private label MultyDex is internationally recognized. We are proud to conclude that today 95% of the ingredients we market carry the label MultyDex


Food flavouring

Flavoring and aromatic additives are designed to give the final product a rich taste and aroma and are necessary to emphasize and stabilize the flavour profile during the final products processing. Maltodextrin make it possible to preserve the flavouring properties, adjust viscosity and prevent stratification, provide the stability of the component in the technology of the final product.

Dairy industry

Milk and dairy products are being an important component of a healthy diet. That is why their quality and safety play a key role in development of dairy production. Maltodextrin and starches meet all the requirements for components for dairy products, as well as current trends in healthy food. Their use opens up the unlimited opportunities in the development of new technologies and optimization of existing ones of high-quality dairy products for a healthy lifestyle.


Patisserie is an integral part of the daily diet for the majority of consumers, especially of young age. This requires special care when choosing ingredients. Providing high quality and competitive taste characteristics of sweet products while maintaining competitive prices is a challenge for modern manufacturers. Maltodextrin and dried glucose syrups are an indispensable assistant on the way to this goal. Retaining traditional properties of confectionery, they allow you to create products in accordance with the trends of healthy eating.

Meat industry

The range of modern meat industry products is very diverse and competitive. To succeed in competition, manufacturers must use a multipurpose genuine ingredients to get maximum economic and functional benefits at the same time. In meat products maltodextrins provide an opportunity to regulate and control such quality indicators as viscosity and structure, flow characteristics, taste and flavour of products, and to intensify the maturing processes.


A dynamic and continuously changing market environment, the complexity of supply chain management, the various risks associated with international trade and the stringent regulations related to food safety require extensive experience and expertise.

Risk management

Product availability is our key advantage for the customers which helps to minimize risk. StarchPro benefits from direct supplies from the producer which guarantees that any confirmed contract is secured with certain cargo, which conforms to required safety and quality features, dates of delivery and pricing.

Trade Finance

Financial flexibility and full confidentiality are our priorities. Tailor made financial solutions enables to reduce exchange rate risks, optimizes cash flow and helps our clients to be competitive in their markets.

Supply Chain

Full transparency of logistical operations is always available to our clients before the contract, including booking, inspection, documentation and customs. Proper shipment planning as well as comprehensive understanding of international trade challenges guarantees professional execution of contracts.

Quality Management

All supplied ingredients meet the highest quality standards and are in compliance with the international food regulations. StarchPro controls and verifies technical documentation, certificates and packing which guarantees maximum traceability of the product.


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